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David Lee

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Skills or Areas of Expertise

  • STEM Education

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Design Thinking



I am currently the elementary Tech and Innovation Specialist at Singapore American School in Singapore. My responsibility at the school is to facilitate educators in integrating STEAM subject areas meaningfully and purposefully into their curriculum to increase learner engagement and achievement, provide learners with real world experiences, develop their 21st century skills, promote creativity and innovation, and teach digital literacies. I model/teach the design thinking methodology to students to equip them with a creative, problem-solving toolkit that they use to bring positive change to people's lives. 

I was also the former elementary STEM Coordinator at Korea International School (KIS) in Seongnam, Korea. As the STEM Coordinator, I contributed to the vision and execution of the school's STEM program (KoLABoration), worked collaboratively with all stakeholders (administrators, teachers, students, parents, & community), assisted in the development and delivery of transdisciplinary STEM professional development, and attended grade-levels meetings to move all teachers towards independence in the delivery of transdisciplinary instruction and curriculum. I also created meaningful connections between disciplines, planned and executed opportunities for students to showcase their work within the school and community (i.e. fairs, exhibition, etc.). As the design teacher, I engaged learners through open-ended inquiry-based activities in the KoLAB spaces by modelling and teaching the design thinking process.


How I can support schools

Consultancy consists of services that guide educators and schools in transforming the education they provide their students to develop them into agents of change; individuals who have the learning behaviors, strategies, and dispositions to approach and tackle complex, real world problems through creative means. The work we do as partners will better equip your school in preparing students with the belief and abilities to succeed in their future professions, projects, personal lives, and civic duties. 

This partnership helps an educational institution to:

  • Empower there stakeholders to take action, innovate, and iterate.

  • Use the design thinking process to move forward in planning and implementing innovative teaching and learning approaches.

  • Bring networks of stakeholders together to tackle challenges as a collective and cohesive unit.

  • Empathize and gain an understanding of stakeholders to discover insights that lead to creative, sustainable solutions.

Possible consultation domains:

  • STEAM Education - Interdisciplinary approach that integrates science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art through real world learning  

  • Design Thinking - Human-centered, inquiry-based scaffolding and innovation-friendly mindsets that students apply to creatively improve real world experiences or solve complex problems

  • Project-Based Learning - Teaching approach that provides students with learning experiences where they can use their knowledge and skills to engage in real world challenges

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