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Tanya LeClair

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Skills or Areas of Expertise

  • Presentation and resource design

  • Developing engaging professional development experiences

  • Designing creative communications 


Tanya LeClair hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada but has been teaching and coaching overseas since 2011. Since moving overseas she has worked in UAE, China, and currently works in Seoul as the High School Digital Learning Coach at Seoul Foreign School (SFS). In addition to supporting teaching and learning at SFS, she often speaks at conferences and leads workshops around Asia on topics ranging from design, coaching, educational technology, virtual learning, and more. She has a Masters in Educational Technology and is both an Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Innovator. She has a passion for resource and presentation design and synthesizing learning concepts for both students and adult learners. As an experienced conference and event organizer, she enjoys developing professional learning experiences and digging into how we might engage busy teachers in their own learning journey. 

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