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Linda Parsons


Skills or Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership of whole school innovation and digital strategies

  • Coaching for EdTech implementation in physical, hybrid and online classrooms

  • Creation of student workshops for digital skills, literacy and STEM for all ages

  • Public speaking and workshop delivery



Linda Parsons is an experienced and digitally minded educator, who drives impact through digital transformation and coaching peers, leaders and students to elevate the quality of learning.


Linda’s passion to guide and mentor students and educators has been channeled into driving her current school to win the ISC Digital Transformation Award for 2021. Through her wider network, Linda now provides advice on effective use of EdTech to teachers and schools, which is focused on elevating existing excellent teaching practice and boosting the learning environment for students.

Linda has used her influence as a Microsoft Fellow to engage schools, teachers and students around the world in collaborative projects to connect people in meaningful ways that promote the positive use EdTech and social media to promote professional development and learning. 


Linda will be able to help you implement technology in your classroom, department or whole school by providing workshop sessions tailored to your needs. Linda also has a positive history of working with EdTech companies to provide advice and support regarding the rollout of hardware and software in schools or other educational groups. 


Linda regularly speaks about digital innovation and strategy, such events are always linked back to the meaningful use of EdTech to elevate teaching and learning. 

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