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Sandra Chow


Skills or Areas of Expertise

  • Teacher and Student training

  • Program Development & Planning

  • Global Competencies & Intercultural Understanding



Sandra Chow is Director of Digital & Innovative Learning at Keystone Academy, in Beijing. Sandra has taught in multiple grades in Canada & Taiwan, and believes firmly in the power of collaboration for teachers and students. She loves sharing her experiences with other educators, and has done so around the world. She has won 2 National Technology awards, is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, SMART Exemplary Educator, Google Certified Innovator and Trainer and part of the Google Geo Education Expert Team. She loves to hear and tell stories, and strives for authentic connections in daily life.


School Supports

  • Professional development in various areas of EdTech including differentiation, assessments, online/distance learning, Mathematics, Google, Apple, Microsoft, ISTE integration, digital citizenship

  • Program Development & Planning through Design thinking strategies and project planning frameworks

  • Learning Spaces planning and design sprints

  • Facilitation of team building and development of intercultural understandings within staff teams

  • Mentoring & coaching of school leaders

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