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Brad Waid

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Skills or Areas of Expertise

  • Specialist in AR/VR/XR in Education

  • Machine Learning and AI expert

  • International Keynote Speaker

  • Staff training and integration



Global Influencer, International Keynote Speaker, Visionary, Futurist and Author specializing in AR/VR/XR, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.  Brad has been recognized as the #14 Influencer, World-wide, in Augmented Reality by Onalytica.  He is ranked as one of the top 20 Global Futurist & Keynote Speakers by TAFFD, he is an industry thought leader in Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 and has also been awarded, by the National School Board Association, as one of the “20 to Watch”. Brad’s knowledge of emerging technology and his passion to inspire change, makes him a highly sought after speaker who makes an impact where ever he goes.  In addition to speaking around the world, Brad, works with and consults in Industry, Education and Governments.

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