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Evo Hannan


Skills or Areas of Expertise

  • Innovation Strategist

  • Student Agency Advocate

  • Design/Innovative Thinking Workshop Leader



Evo Hannan is a passionate Design and Innovation Leader at IB World School in Dubai. Innately driven by his desire to create positive change and a passion for design, Evo has utilised his 20 years of educational experience to channel into passion projects which have made an impact across the globe. He has a passion to inspire schools to be more forward-thinking by developing innovation strategies. His Innovation X model is one example of how his ideas are helping institutions develop a sustainable culture of innovation. 


Through his network, Evo is working with teachers around the world to also promote student agency under his project called The Agency which has over 150 global members. He is also a freelance designer, TEDx speaker on education reform, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the importance of developing education communities. He recently launched a YouTube channel called Ed Talks Live which engages in hot education topics from around the globe every Sunday. He also enjoys collaborating with global educators through Twitter and Instagram. 

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